kim deschamps' filmography

The Sweet Hereafter

Session Musician

Pedal Steel Guitar featured on
“The Sweet Hereafter” Film Soundtrack and
Soundtrack CD


Kim performs as member of the Sam Dent Band in the film's opening scenes.

1997 Major Canadian Film|Drama|Rated 'R'

Mychael Danna | Music Composer
Atom Egoyan | Film Director
Cast Members | Sarah Polley, Ian Holm

Cannes Film Festival 1997
Winner of Grand Prize, International Critics Prize and Ecumenical Prize
OSCAR Awards 1998
Nominated for Best Director, Best Screenplay
GENIE Awards 1997
Winner of 8 Awards, Best Picture, Best Direction


"The more you think about it, the richer it gets."

Wall Street Journal



Hurt Penguins

Soundtrack Composer
Music Producer
Session Musician

Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Slide, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals


Subway Busker, Musician in Bar Band 'Junkhouse',
Pedal Steel Busker

1992 Independent Canadian Film
Romantic Comedy|Rated 'R'

Film Directors | Robert Bergman & Myra Fried
Debut | Toronto Film Festival, 'Festival of Festivals'
Cast Members | Daniel Kash (Aliens), Denny Doherty (Mamas & Papas), Ian Thomas


Film Notes
Songs from this film were re-recorded for Kim's Solo CD, 'Take Me Away'. Many of the instruments used in on-screen performances and as 'set dressing' in "Nick and Harriet's Apartment" are from Kim's personal collection.

"A screwball comedy … a bittersweet romp set in the heady world of showbiz"

"This slapstick farce is charming, especially when Fried, who also wrote the script, is on screen as the heroine's best friend"

"A Canadian Indie-Classic."

Barenaked in America

Session Musician

Pedal Steel Guitar, 'Long Way Back Home'
Song Featured over Film's Closing Credits

1999 Canada-USA Film | Music Documentary | Not Rated

Director | Jason Priestly
Cast Members | Barenaked Ladies, Jason Priestley, Conan O'Brien, Jeff Goldblum
Premiere | Toronto Film Festival, 1999; Slamdance Film Festival, 2000

OSCAR Awards 2000
Listed Eligible for Distinguished Achievements Award

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"A rockumentary that follows the Barenaked Ladies over 14 days of their U.S. tour. Along the way, the band achieves its first #1 hit single for the song, 'One Week', from their 1998 album STUNT."


Galaxies are Colliding

Featured Soundtrack Session Musician

Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro, Slide, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin

1992 Canada-USA Film | Comedy Romance | Rated 'R'

Director | John Ryman
Music Composers | Stephen Barber & Jim Lauderdale
Cast Members | Dwier Brown, Kelsey Grammer


"In this meaning-of-life comedy an engaged man gets cold feet, abandons his fiancee, becomes celibate and goes on a quest for the truth. Whether or not he finds it is another story."

"It's not science fiction. It's something else."

Pump Up The Volume

Session Musician

Lap Steel Guitar, 'Me and the Devil Blues', Cowboy Junkies
'Pump up the Volume' Film Soundtrack
'Pump up the Volume' Soundtrack CD, MCA 1990

1990 Canada-USA Film | Drama | Rated 'R'

Director | Allen Moyle
Cast Members | Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis

Kim with Cowboy Junkies performed at a Private Event promoting this film and afterwards, attended the Hollywood Premiere at Mann's Chinese Theatre.

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South of Wawa

Session Musician

'Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning', Cowboy Junkies

1994 Independent Canadian Film




Road Kill

Session Musician

'To Love is To Bury', Cowboy Junkies

1989 Independent Canadian Film